New from me

Well.. have been very long time i do not update this blog... almost forgot that I have one. First update is.. I have a son (yeeeyyy :D ) after long time battled with labor pain.. finally my little prince charming Ryan came to this world. Second update is ... finally we moved out from "that home" .. to our own little rent home. Third is .. we bought a car.. Alhamdulillah... and the sad thing is my Father in law passed away :( .. so many things has changed to our life.. we are not two anymore.. we have little one that took almost all of our time.. I guest its happen to every family with a new baby.

What i am doing now on? nothing.. just spent the time with my baby, cooking, cleaning, and trying to take rest as much as i can. Sometimes (well.. i would say.. almost everytime) i feels like its really hard to do all those things. Especially i didnt get any help from anyone (I mean family or friend). But thanks to Allah.. living in this country.. you can get help from nurse, midwife, GP, etc. Eventhough their help wont that much as you can expect .. but at least there is someone there.. who doesnt know you.. willing to hear what is happening with you.

Then.. so far I can say.. I'm survive now.. well I'll keep trying.. because motherhood is surviving anyway. Cheers for everybody and mu self.. will try to update next time ^^

Short update

The reason i'am not updating this blog because i have been doing my english course. This course makes me buzy and spending most of my time. After course i still have to cook for dinner, cleaning, doing my homework, browsing to read some news then finally go to bed to get some rest.
I also have another thing to update. Probably within short time, at least next 2 or 3 weeks, I will be moving to my brother in law's house. I am not happy with the decision, because so many reason, but my husband and I doesn't have any option :( life is so complecated, sometimes you have to be flexible to achieve your next goal in life. You have to be ready to help someone anytime in any condition. I hope Allah always blessing my husband and I, amin.
Well, there are alot of sweet memories in my home right now, it's so hard for me to leave it. But my husband made a promise, oneday if we are gonna buy a home, we will buy a home in this area, because we love the situation, neighbours, parks, the shopping center and the comunity. And I will keep his promise.

Winter and sun shine

When I am in Indonesia, i always keep my body away from sun shine, because I don't want my skin get more dark and get burn. But since living in Melbourne, its just like the opposite from what i did in Indonesia. Melbourne now is in winter session, and this is my second winter. I really love to get burn in the sun shine, I love the warm sensation when i keep my body under the sun shine. It's so peaceful, especially the air in here is so clear.. really different from Indonesia.. where dust and pollution is everywhere. I love to have my drink under the sun shine.. to read a book and browsing in my old laptop. Sometimes, you should have time to enjoy what Allah give to you.. and explore your dreams :)

Two and half man

This is one of my favorite tv show!!!!
Hari hari pertama di melbourne, gak tau mesti ngapain.. bolak balik cuma nonton tv doank.. gak nyangka nemu salah satu tv show yg konyol abis.. seru.. ada parnonya siee.. tpp gpp lahh.. emang bukan serial untuk anak2 :D

Critanya di mulai dari peran utama Charlie yang selalu "nikmatin dunia" .. mulai dari drunk sampe tidur ma cewek yg gak dia inget sapa namanya :D .. trus Charlie pny adik yg namanya Alen.. Alen tipenya beda bgt ma Charlie, dia seorang dokter, selalu memperhatikan value idup.. tp romantisme idupnya kacau balau.. dicerai istri sampe bangkrut.. selalu gagal klo kencan ma cewek.. gak punya rumah sampe harus tinggal di rumah kakaknya..
Alen punya seorang anak namanya Jack. Jack anak kecil yg konyol abis.. sok lugu.. polosss.. tapi malu2in. Ibu dari Charlie ma Alen namanya Evelyn.. seorang sales real estate.. sukanya mabuk plus ngencani cowok yg mau beli real estate incarannya *matree kata singkatnya*, hubungan anak dan ibu di pilm ini jelas2 konyol.. lucuu.. dan gak ada sopan santunnya!. Karakter yg paling di sukai ma my hubby and I ituh pembantunya charlie.. yg tiap hari tugasnya bersi'in plus masak di rumah Charlie, namanya Berta. Berta bukan sembarang maid.. dia tau semua kebiasaan orang2 di rumah.. yg paling konyol itu komentar2 yg tidak tertata keluar dr mulutnya.. hauakakakak.. pokok'e siipp!!!

Sebenarnya masih banyak karekter2 laen dr serial ini.. kek Rose.. Judith and deelele.. lengkapnya bisa dilihat di sini

Buat yg gak suka serial basa basi... lucuu.. plus nyentrik.. ini salah satu yg harus di tonton.. klo di melbourne.. bisa di tonton di channel 9.. tiap hari senin sampe jumat.. tiap jam 7.30pm .. trus mulai lagi jam 8.30pm untuk versi adult :D

Swine flu

I found this picture over here. I was quite surprised with the picture and thinking "where the hell the boy's parents are? why they let their boy doin that such thing!".
Well.. now people around the world are scared about swine flu, a flu that they said is a combination of bird flu.. pig flu.. and human flu * isn't a great combination?*
They said.. this flu is found in Mexico for the first time, and i dont know why there.. isnt pig is everywhere around this world? and also bird?? why in mexico?? and the great thing of this flu is this flu can be spread from human to human. So if you are with someone else who suspect from this flu in one room.. you may get this virus!
Now on mexico is just like a Ghost city.. a lost city.. just like a city in Recident Evil movie. i couldnt imagine how people can live with feels scare all the time there :(